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Domino's Pizza field trip!

Thanks to our friends, the Wasouf family from the Troy Domino's Pizza, we had a great (and yummy) field trip! Emily, Yasar, and Andrew helped us make our own pizzas and the kids had SO much fun! The kids and I loved seeing the magic behind the scenes of a yummy pizza restaurant.
They loved smashing out the dough, the gazillions of topping choices, and the way cool conveyor belt oven. They looked awfully cute (in my biased opinion) in their hats and aprons too. And best of all, their pizzas were great. And the chocolate lava crunch cakes were soooooo good too. Mmmmmmmm, great day!!! Only had my cell phone, but I had to take pics.
Gotta love a field trip where you eat what you learn. Thanks so much to the Wasoufs! Troy people, order one soon! (937) 339-9421
Great, now I'm hungry...


Debbie R said…
What a yummy field trip,cute photos of your little pizza makers!
That would be a field trip that my kids would love! Pizza eaters, we are!
Jenny said…
Hey! Stopping by from FTF. It's always so fun to get a "behind the scenes" experience.
Emmy said…
Lookie what I just found, buried deep in my Reader! We had SO much fun with you guys! That was just a great day - thank you for sharing it with us. :)