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Family stickers

Our customized family stickers! We have Dad the kayaker, Mom the photographer, Josh the guitar player, Lizzy the artist, Matt the drummer, and the newest RVer, Jack the dog.
All 3 kids pointed out that my stick me was way too thin. No more cool stickers for them!And yes, we missed North Dakota. In our defense, we didn't have the map yet and see the glaring hole! We'll hit it later, because there's plenty in the northwest we missed. But yes, it taunts us daily!!!


Anonymous said…
These stickers are the coolest! I especially love the United States sticker! Such a good idea! :)

Can you write a post about how traveling all over the US has changed the dynamics of your family? Has all this traveling made your family closer? Have your kids learned any life lessons?

Mrs Kish
Stephanie said…
Cool, where did you get the stick figures? We want them too! :)