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Ohio whitewater park

Remember the whitewater park for kayakers in Springfield, Ohio? Yeah, there is one, and it's great! We went on Friday so Allen could have one last run before we left. It was great to see some of the OAC again (and we look forward to seeing them in May and Sept). Matt even did a few runs. We only had Lizzy's pink life jacket, but he said it was so fun it was worth it. :)
It's so nice to sit by a rapid chatting with the kayakers as they surf. So much better than the big hikes on the usual rivers to catch a glimpse from afar! They did a great job on the rocks around the drops and it's a great place to come and hang out and watch, or play.
Josh took this photo of Matt (and I'm jealous!)
Jack was ready to hitch a ride, til Allen hit the water. Then, not so much.
Allen surfing.
The view upriver was so pretty!

More pics...


Anonymous said…
Oh, I wish we had known you were over this way! We live in Columbus, and it would have been neat to meet up!