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Operation Christmas Child

Each year our (now former) church is a collection center for Operation Christmas Child. This program (thanks to millions of volunteers, probably many of you) sent 8 MILLION Christmas gifts to children last year! 8 MILLION!
Grace collects all the gifts from churches and organizations in the area, packs them into cartons, loads them into a semi, and ships them to a processing center. It was fun to be in town for the day they packed them up this year. It's awesome to see everyone (of all ages) helping out and having fun together. You'd hear the tape guns taping, people yelling SHARPIE!, kids pushing boxes, men carrying cartons, counting and recounting, and lots of laughter. It's a fun way for everyone to help a little with this great program.
More yucky cell phone pics, but I wanted to post about some of what we did during our 3 week downtime at home in Ohio. Mostly worked, but who wants to see a pic of that?? :)