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RV decorating question

I need a decorator! Well, a friend who likes to give decorating advice for free I mean. ;) But for now I'm considering removing these weird valance thingies. It's pretty plain (aka too RV-ish?) without them, but it opens up our table nook area (which rocks when we have a great view)! But it looks more finished with them, I just happen to hate them. I can't sew and won't buy anything right now, but maybe we could do a different kind of valance on just the top, not down the sides?
And maybe it'd look okay when we paint, eventually. Had to photoshop that in just to see. Dunno. I should have waited until we had a nice view to take the pics too!
Anyway, any suggestions?? Had a question already too, yes you can paint RV walls. :)


Ali Workentin said…
We took the valance thingy that went all the way around our bedroom windows and just put the one back at the top. Covered it with fabric we liked and glued it back onto the board. We have wood blinds in the living/dining room that are old but we are just going to put more wood blinds up there.
Anonymous said…
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MrsM said…
We don't have side valances in ours and I'm thinking about adding curtains. With just the pull down blinds and a top valance you can see in through the sides at night from outside.
Well, I would just take down the valances and hang up a blanket until you can afford to get some curtains. Dollar store has curtain rods and walmart has fabric on sale for $5. Could be an option or you can use kitchen towels as curtains and get clips to hold them up like shower curtain clips -you would still need a curtain rod.