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RVing dog

These kids are happy, but this dog isn't so much! He doesn't seem to be a very adaptable RVing dog so far. Yeah we love him, and yeah we'll manage, but holy cow (well dog), he's a whiner. He just wants to be free to run, so we're not sure if he'll get used to the torture of the leash. The whole can't chase rabbits thing apparently is cramping his style, the poor, annoying little guy. It's all new though, so we're hoping he just needs to get used to it, like we did. Hoping hard! He's just lucky he's cute.


I hope the poor RV dog can adapt! We rescued our poor puppy from the pound months before we went full-time- and we started in a hotel room with the dog! We had never intended it to happen that way. We wanted to stay home...the Lord had other plans. I'm so glad we didn't know what they were because we never would've gotten our beloved pet and he has been so fun to have on the ride. He is part beagle so I understand the wanting to run. He only scared us to death a couple times when he shot out the camper door before we could get his leash on him. Terrifying, but thankful he didn't run too far.