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We had a wonderful stress-free Christmas hanging out, baking, eating, and relaxing. Our whole family had already said presents for kids only (even before our simplified RV life) and I don't know why more people don't do that. I always see people stressing about what to buy the person who has everything (and used to myself). But if they have everything, they don't need anything! Why waste your time and money, and their storage space, to show your love when you can just say it? We certainly own very little and don't need a single thing. I'm so grateful that our family does this. It takes away the stress and materialism, and lets us focus the the reason for Christmas and just enjoy each other. And the kids were excited enough for all of us! :)
We spent the whole weekend at the Grands, mainly eating. Uncle Ryan came and we were all happy to see him again. We went to a Christmas Eve service at my parent's church, then the kids opened their Secret Santa gifts, although they were no longer secret. This is the first year they realized with only 3 people in the drawing, you could figure out who had who. But they had a good time earning money, then buying their sibling a gift, and they were quite thoughtful.
Christmas morning we were heading to my parents' where the tree and gifts were, and were all surprised (at 4am thanks to very excited kids) that Santa had found us in the RV! He left the kids stockings and 3 bikes! The kids were up before the sun riding them! We made them wait until 7am to head to the Grands.
It was hard to wake up so early, but at least we got to see the sunrise over the lake.
Santa also filled the stockings they expected at the Grands, and they got to open the family's gifts and were very happy and grateful. Then we just ate ourselves silly all day. :)
Sunday morning we went to church with my parents again, where by popular request (aka Grandpa!) Allen and the kids sang their song. And then yes, more eating!


Jill Ann said…
We only do kid gifts here. Actually, the kids get to pick 5 gifts(within reason) + their stockings. It works wonderfully with minimal amounts of stuff and debt.
Stephanie said…
Gifts for "kids only" is a wonderful way to go. We did it that way for the first time this year and it was so relaxing!