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It's official, I love hooping! And yes, it's addictive! And yes, it's hula hooping, like you remember, only different.
There are fun hooping sites and blogs and communties and amazing videos and teaching videos and world hoop day and a hooping university and oh my, so much hooping! We even made our own hoops. I'm hoping I'll be as good as my fellow RVing Sara in 6 months. Right now I pretty much stink, but you can't help but smile while you hoop, so I love it. It's surprisingly great exercise too. I'm so sore and bruised and happy. :)

Video of my very few skills from 2010. :)


Stephanie said…
I haven't hooped in YEARS. I think I'd barely be able to keep it around my waist for 5 seconds! ;)

It sounds fun though...
Rainey Daye said…
So much fun!! My legs are so sore right now from attempting knee hooping...they feel bruised even though they don't look it. But I did manage to figure out the jump through last night and was so excited I had to call my husband in to see!!

I am gonna burn a cd so that I can hoop in the backyard when my kiddo is I don't have to worry about breaking things like the TV, the laptop, the ceiling fan/lamp, etc. in the living room!!
Tina said…
Hooping rules! My daughter and I have hoops and it is so much fun. With the weather getting cold, hooping will be a fun activity we can do in the basement.