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Jack's bobcat

Our dog treed a bobcat today! We've never seen one in the "wild" (and it isn't very wild around here!) Allen took Jack with him jogging and when they ran by a stretch of trees, Jack went nuts and chased this one up a tree. Allen called and Josh answered and yelled Dad said Jack treed a bobcat so bring your camera! So off we flew in the truck to get a glimpse, worried we'd miss it, but Jack had us covered and it wasn't going anywhere. It looked like a big, fluffy, but very annoyed kitty. :)
(Turns out it's a Maine Coon Cat since it didn't have a bobbed tail!)


sssnoo said…

Margie -- have you seen this blog were a person is cooking meal from every country in the world -- one week at a time? Some virtual globe trotting. Might be fun to follow as home schoolers (I want my own little ones to home school -- I can
t wait for grands)

PS -- awesome bobcat. THAT would never have happened in Ohio
Awesome shots! We've never seen one in the wild either. How cool! Nice job doggy! =0)