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Joy of homeschooling

Josh: Is this math problem correct?
Dad: Nope, you did it right, but there's an small mistake in your work.
Josh: Oh man, but I know how to do it.
Dad: Yep, but you'd get an F on a test.
Josh: At least I know how to do it.
Dad: Yep.

Isn't that awesome? He knows how to do it, learns the importance of little details, and doesn't have to get an F.
Ah, but some will say he has to prove he knows how to do it. He just did. :)

He also just finished his entire 5th grade math book, in December. :)


Anonymous said…
Homeschooling is awesome for this - and many other - reasons. :)

I was homeschooled from 1st-8th grade...and I am so very grateful for that experience.