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No school

We're taking the rest of the year "off" from any learning, which of course means nothing as kids learn when they learn. So while I'm working this morning, they're playing a game of Risk and hopefully not learning about strategy, organization, planning, or calculating... Later they'll probably watch Mythbusters (or play the Mythbusters Trivia Game!) and hopefully not learn any science, experimentation, logic, or gross facts. Then as we cook, I'll try to make sure they don't help with any measurements or recalculations. Hopefully they won't find any interesting documentaries or meet up with any of our neighbor campers to avoid learning anything historical or social. And I'll make sure any games they play are strictly mindless so they don't read or accidentally learn something. This week off sounds exhausting!
In 2011, we'll resume their education, which of course means the very same thing. :)
Update: I caught Josh calculating the circumference of our neighbors' hula hoops using the diameter. Oops!


Joy said…
Our week sounds very similar! No school whatsoever! LOL Thanks for joining in on the Hip Homeschool Hop!
Susan Evans said…
Kids are learning constantly. There's really no such thing as taking a break from homeschooling. LOL
Stephanie said…
I love your philosophy. Learning definitely happens all of the time - regardless if kids are in a classroom or doing a set curriculum. In fact, maybe kids learn even more when they're NOT doing either of those two things! ;)
Momma Jorje said…
What a great example of Unschooling!