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RV Video Tour of our Sierra Treehouse Fifth Wheel

Allen made a video tour of our home, the Sierra Treehouse fifth wheel, while we were in the Mojave. That's still our favorite campsite ever. :)
We still have people ask how we survive living in such a small space with five people. But we have plenty of room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, all the usual conveniences, and love our home! Maybe this will give you a better picture of our life on the road.
Walk with us if you will...


Stephanie said…
Wow. The Sierra Treehouse looks awesome - very roomy and homey. I especially like that it has 2 bathrooms!

Questions for you:
What year is it?
How many feet is it?
What kind of generator do you have?

Thanks for giving us a tour! :)
The Lundy 5 said…
Thanks! It's a 2010, 40 feet. Um, not exactly sure on the generator, 3000 watt Honda inverter is all I know. :)
Very cozy Treehouse! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Just curious...does having two bathrooms mean an extra black tank?


Angie & Family
Stephanie said…
Sweet, that's one of the models we are considering.
Unknown said…
Hi Margie - Swinford family (fulltimers) here looking for your thoughts on the treehouse. We are moving from a Class A to a fiver and the treehouse model seems to be an option for us. Anything in particular you don't like about it, or anything that you are ecstatic about with it?

Thanks so much!
† Chad