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Forest River RV customer service is bad

RVers, listen up. Forest River RV customer care STINKS. (They make Sierra, Sandpiper, Cardinal, Cedar Creek, Cherokee, Wildcat). We've been STRANDED for TWO DAYS & no one can approve our service. This isn't the first time we've had issues with them. Jeff Johnson is over Sierra/Sandpiper warranty service and apparently the ONLY person who can approve service. He had jury duty yesterday, and no one else could approve it. Today he's back in, but not answering his phone or returning calls. I asked for his supervisor, but he's out until MONDAY! The VERY snotty receptionist (she has NEVER been pleasant when we've called) said the only higher up is the corporate office. I had to leave a message for their receptionist and had no luck with them yet.
I wouldn't leave my job without SOMEONE around who can help deal with any issues. And my job wouldn't leave a family stranded somewhere!
Many times we've needed something simple (usually the same thing) but we have to wait hours, sometimes days, for Mr. Johnson to return a call. You'd think this company would have some options in case Mr. Johnson gets sick or heaven forbid, wants to take a vacation with his family! Forest River Inc. needs to plan better because families have to sit and wait on one person, which is completely unacceptable to us and not fair to Mr. Johnson either.

Of course, the worst part (this time) is that we haven't made it to the Families on the Road Rally yet, which starts today! Just a warning to RVers, plan service for when you have days of downtime available, not right before an event because it's convenient! Especially if you have a Forest River RV, because you might receive poor customer service.

Update, we just learned that Mr. Johnson left to go pick up his son from school (another great reason to give options Forest River!) so we're officially giving up this round. Bringing the still-not-fixed RV to the rally soon!

Update #2, we took the RV to the rally (and had an amazing time!), then back to finish the service (third time, same thing, and it's finally fixed this time!). We were stopped by a huge storm with tornadoes, so we opted for one more night with the grands. Then headed out for an after-rally rally with 5 families from the rally! :) More soon, but the RV is good to go!


Gabby Faye said…
Make sure you spread the URL of your comments as far as you can. A business that is run like that needs to have a "come-upance".
I feel really bad for you! When we were traveling, our RV had to go in the shop for a repair and it wasn't finished as we had been quoted, after waiting and waiting, my husband finally picked it up and told them to forget it, we'd go somewhere else. It was so difficult because we were living in our motor home, traveling at the time, so we had to pay for hotel rooms and my husband was furious. In our case, customer service was great...until they got our camper! My husband hated it and felt utterly homeless until we got it back. Hope you can get your home repaired soon! :)
Stephanie said…
I'm so sorry to hear about the poor customer service, Margie! That's terrible.

What happened to your RV? Is it under warranty?

I hope you made it to the rally!
Ali Workentin said… did all this turnout? After being delayed on our trip two days due to mechanical problems you have been on my mind.