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Fulltime RVing Families Rally

What's more fun than fulltime RVing with your family? Adding a bunch of other families! The Families on the Road Rally was amazing! We had such a good time hanging out with other nomadic families and getting to know them, sharing stories, learning, and laughing. Lots of laughing.
And see? We're not the only ones crazy enough to do this! See me on facebook or the comments if you'd like the hi res copy of the pic! The kids ran wild for days! There were so many of them, of many different ages, and they got along so well. They were looking out for the little ones, looking up to the bigger ones, and thoroughly enjoying spending time with all of them.
We had a loose schedule, which helps when you're with a group where no one knows what day it is anyway. It's so relaxing and refreshing when there are no clocks or calendars involved! We had a campfire each evening, a digital scrapbooking demo (I had to, it's my job!), a fun science day of oobleck and bombs (you have to click that link!), a business expo, movie night, RV prizes, singing with guitars and percussion, and so much more. It was so fun most of us stayed an extra day! Then many of us went to another park together. It’s such a great group, they’re hard to leave!

Here’s just a sampling of the weekend…
We learned (with a touch of jealousy) how the Malsons run the Ecowomb bus on veggie grease instead of diesel or gas.
We watched, and heard, cruise ships coming and going at Port Canaveral.
Roadschooling science day!
We got to tour other homes on wheels…
and learned that rats make good RVing pets…
and that this is really, really fun.
We had a great safety seminar and from The RV Safety & Education Foundation.
Dads played football with kids.
The kids got to whack a piñata and go crazy on the candy. They were so cute lined up by size!We had a wonderful marionette production with a great message about reading that kids and adults enjoyed. There was almost always at least one kid in this tree.
The girls tortured the boys with their googly eyes and [possibly annoying] declarations of love.
The bigger girls helped the little girls understand said boys.
You may wonder why my son was in a dumpster, I sure did. But he made cash, so I couldn’t complain, much.
It was hard to get up early Sunday, but we’re glad we did for a church service on the beach.
And everywhere you looked there were adorable kids, just being adorable. Like Wishy Washy here. :)
So much fun and we hope to meet up with many of them along the road again. We’re also planning to head to Alaska with a bunch of them this summer, so we can do it all again!

Here are just some of the other fulltime RVing families from the rally. Go check them out!
If I missed your site, let me know and I'll add it. Miss you all!!!!

Creasys ~ DeMichiels ~ Figueroas ~ Malsons (Ecowomb) ~ Rays ~ Sparks ~ Stolles ~ Travaglinos ~ Woldstads

And thanks SO much to sponsors and for making this possible, and so much fun!

Here's Allen's video of the rally. It's just a glimpse of some of the fun we had this week!


Sara said…
So fun that you met the Malsons and saw our very first RV! :) Looks like a great time.
Kimberly said…
Well done, Margie. I was smiling from ear to ear while reading the whole thing! So fun! Can't wait for Alaska!!!! xoxox K
Stephanie said…
So fun! I hope we can make it to the next rally! Were there any itty bitty babies or tiny tots there?

Now I'm off to check out the websites of the other families that you linked to...
Stephanie said…
I forgot to mention that our girls would have loved the marionette production!