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A real bobcat

What we thought was a bobcat might have been a Maine Coon Cat, because this is a bobcat! Yes, dead animal alert. Don't click if you're squeamish, sissy. :)
It was quite a day for roadkill spotting (ew, I know), but also educational (isn't roadkill always educational?) because we had to research the types of cats in Florida. The bobcat has a short tail and our first cat didn't, although it was no normal kitty. It was spotted though, and quite pretty, although I'm not posting a closeup because it's pretty graphic. (You're welcome.) We've yet to see a panther, Florida's other big cat, but we'll keep our eyes on the trees, and the road. :/
We also saw a ton of armadillos and had never seen any alive! So finally, not roadkill! Allen had to video one. :) We found out they can carry leprosy too, interesting. Not that all do of course, they just can. No, we didn't learn that first hand.


Emmy said…
Am I sick, that I want to see the close-up?

I have an armadillo story. When I was 18 our family went on vaca at Disney World. We stayed in Fort Wilderness. This was WAY before cell phones were invented, so I would tromp down to the payphone every night to call my boyfriend. One late evening I stepped on what I assume was the rear end of an armadillo, only to be attacked by the business end. The bite started to fester, and the skin on my leg just melted off. No, I'm just kidding. Did get bit, thank the LORD it wasn't carrying leprosy. :D