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RVing families

We found out there were 4 other fulltime RVing families within an hour of us! Of course we're all congregated in sunny FL, because we can. :) Sunday we got to meet 3 of those families, Freely Living Life, the Travaglinos aka Family Gone Wild (and editor of Fulltime Families Magazine), the DeMichiels aka After Lizzy's girl heaven with the Creasy family, this was the day of boys! The kids swam in the pool and hot tub (didn't matter that it was chilly), played on the playground, and made up some Elmo games with cupcake rings (your guess is as good as mine!) The adults swapped stories, tried to stay warm, and a few found a TV to watch the football game. It's always interesting to see how different, or similar, RVing life is for other families, rigs, travel, roadschooling, neighbors, etc. One family's been on the road 6 years, another 3 years, and the other 8 months like us. It's so nice to hang out with other families who obviously enjoy life on the road and each other! The best part is we'll see some of them in a few weeks at the Families on the Road Rally!


Joy said…
That is just so cool! How awesome to meet up with others living like on the road! Thanks for joining in the Hop!
Excellent post!

Hope you all have a great time at the rally. We will certainly be there in spirit!

Michele said…
Wow! Full-time RV family. That's amazing. Seriously, I'm in awe. You have a beautiful family and what wonderful memories your kids will have! I looked through some of your pages and liked your state scrapbook pages. WV is a great state and I'm glad you guys got to enjoy it...although, unless you love snow I wouldn't recommend it right now. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by through the homeschool hop. I'll be checking back to read about your adventures!

Stephanie said…
How fun! We look forward to meeting up w/ other RV families (like YOURS) when we get on-the-road. :)

We're not going to be able to make it to the rally this year. Do you know when the next one is?
Seeing this is making me so excited for when we take the leap. It may still be a ways away, but I am enjoying living vicariously through you!