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So many, so much

We've met or reconnected with so many RVing friends and had so much fun over the past month, or has it really just been a week and a half? I'll share details, pics, and video soon, but I just wanted to share that we thoroughly enjoyed our Families on the Road rally, extended day after rally, then post-rally rally! It's really hard to leave these people behind! It took the edge off a bit that we only had to go 16 miles to meet up with another family we'd met last year. :) And it also helps that we're meeting a family from Ohio that now lives in Florida tomorrow.
After that, we'll take some downtime to reconnect with the kids (who we hardly saw unless they were attached to other kids), nap, work, rest, blog, and probably nap some more. Fun can be exhausting!
There are too many highlights to mention, so I'll save those for a post. But I will say it's awesome to be surrounded by so many people who have no idea what day it is. :)

Update: posted here!


Stephanie said…
Hey, we have finally sold our house and in another couple of months will have the Green Cards for hubby and daughter so we can get going.

I was wondering if you would give us your opinion on the RV we are considering buying.

At first we really wanted the 35LOFT that you guys have. But then we found the Open Range 314RLL and fell in love.

Now, you guys have been on the road for a while. Could you have a look and see what you think?
We only have one child, so far, and she is 10 months at the moment :)

I hope we can meet you guys down the road somewhere.

Ohh, here is a post about the RV wer're looking at.
Thanks in advance :)
Stephanie said…

Oops, I forgot the link.