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Sunny Florida

It finally warmed up down here and we've just been enjoying life. Much of that is boring, sitting and working on the computer, paying bills, receiving mail, blah... But the fun stuff is visiting the Grands, playing outside, hooping, picking and eating all the oranges we want...
Meeting another RVing family! The Creasy Clan surprised us here at the campground one day. It was SO fun getting to know them! The kids had a blast together and Lizzy was in girl heaven. They left Saturday and we all moped around. It was great having them as neighbors!
We got to just hang out, hoop, go to the park, swap travel stories, ride bikes, fix bikes...
Share meals, make pizzas at the clubhouse (the kitchen is huge!)...
Swim (65-75 degrees outside and the heated pool was 80!)...
Celebrate Lizzy's 11th birthday!
And randomly, I got a few skirts/shirts from Hip Mountain Mama that I love! Lizzy loves them too, and can wear them as dresses. I'm not sure how I feel about sharing these with her, but she does look cute! :) But they have some great clothes, great service, and I highly recommend Hip Mountain Mama!


How cool that you had the opportunity to meet and hang out with another family! Sounds like you all had a blast. Thanks for sharing their blog link so that we can get to know them too!

I have a wish list for many items from Hip Mountain Mama! Your selections are very cool.

Unknown said…
Hi Margie,

Thank you for sharing your adventures. I enjoy reading your blog. I was wondering if you could share the name of the rv park in florida and if you would recommend it.