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Florida Everglades

We've been enjoying some downtime with the gators in the Florida Everglades. And we do mean WITH them, they're everywhere down here. We've been camping in a few great campgrounds with gators right in the lake, right on the banks, right outside the window... Yes, we've kept a good eye on Jack and he's just fine. He's not been a gator snack, yet.
Here was our first home.Notice the eyes in the water??
Manatees in the canal...
I've been resting a back injury (I'm injured, not old!) but Allen and the kids have been having some grand adventures. They took a few hikes through the swamp, yes IN the water, and loved it. They also kayaked through the mangroves and deep into the swamp again. They've learned a lot and had a great time. I did get to take a scenic (aka very wet and bumpy!) drive with them though.
Besides that, we're just working, catching up on life, the kids are playing, etc. Boring stuff, just surrounded by gators, so even the boring is not very boring!