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Piedmont College

Since we were driving right by my parents' alma mater, Piedmont College, I thought we'd take a pic of the kids by the sign. I figured they'd get a kick out of that. I mentioned that to my friend Lisa (who lives nearby and I'd planned to meet up with as well) and guess who also went to Piedmont? Yep, Lisa! She also knows people and arranged a wonderful TOUR for us with the Chairman of the Board! We got to meet the President too!
The kids loved it and said it was a lot bigger than I led them to believe. I know it's a lot bigger than my parents remember! The lake was drained and a wetlands developed and many, many buildings added. We were in the chapel in time to hear a student playing the giant (real) organ, and got to peek inside it. We also learned from the Chairman about the whole process of buying, building, transporting, and rebuilding it. One of Josh's favorite parts of the day? Drinking "college water". Yep. :) It was a good day learning about the college and taking photos for my parents.
They even made a strong recruiting case for the kids to choose Piedmont. We'll see!
Lots of pics for the grands. Let me know if it looks a bit different! (You can click on the slideshow to see the photos up close, not that your eyes are old...)


Unknown said…
I live 12 minutes from Piedmont College and drive by it nearly every day. Not only can you go to college their but many homeschool kids have taken music lessons there from professors and students in the music department. So glad you enjoyed the tour.