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Shop class, or something

As we've learned to use Matt's love of destruction for good, the kids learned about how remotes functioned, by taking one apart, and reassembling it. Very few things hold Matt's attention for even a few minutes, but he'll stick with destroying or building things for hours! And yes, he got it completely back together, well, minus one screw. :)
This is one example of roadschooling, which we've explained in more detail in this post. Read about other families on the FOTR blog carnival! As we travel, it's honestly just so easy to learn as we go. And since it's easy, natural, relevant, and fun, it sticks!
And of course, Dad was there to help if needed! He knows how everything works. :) Want to read about how other families roadschool? Check out the FOTR Blog Carnival!


Mariza said…
I love it! I remember when I was growing up, my dad always did that. He was always curious about how things worked, so on Sundays he would take something apart and then put it back together. My dad can fix anything, he's very smart. Congratulations on your little boy. That's a great hobby to have!
Stephanie said…
That's priceless! But even more exciting is the support and turning it into a learning experience. You guys ROCK!
Kimberly said…
If/when you get to Ohio be sure to check out Inventors Museum (may be called Inventors Hall of Fame). They have a whole room of electronic gizmos that you can pull apart to your hearts delight. We have fond memories of spending a day there with friends who were traveling with us for a few weeks. Our three kids had the best time.