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Vogel family bikes to the end of the world!

They did it! A family I've been virtually following on Twitter and Facebook has biked as far as humanly possibly, together. I love the stories and lessons they've shared along the way, for over 2 YEARS! They made it to the end of the road today! I know because I've been anxiously awaiting Nancy's tweet. I can't imagine the excitement they're feeling down there in Ushuaia!

Congratulations Vogel family!!!!! Here's more info from their website.

Idaho Family Cycles Pan American Highway from Alaska to Argentina

The Vogel family has reached Bolivia in their quest for the end of the world. The family - mom Nancy, dad John, 12-year-old twin brothers Davy and Daryl have spent the past two years cycling south from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and are enroute to Ushuaia, Argentina at the southern tip of South America. They expect to reach their destination around March, 2011, at which time the boys will have broken the Guinness World Record as the youngest people to cycle the entire Pan American Highway.

Carrying everything they need on their bicycles - tent, sleepìng bags, cooking pot and stove, homeschool supplies, and spare parts - the four adventurers have cycled through deserts and rainforests, over high mountain passes and along miles of coastline. They've been chased by a bear, robbed at a border crossing, and camped in temps so cold their water bottle were frozen solid. They've also experienced more goodwill from strangers than miles they've pedaled.

The family is using their educational background to bring the world to under-privileged children in New York City through Reach the World (RTW). Reach the World is an educational non-profit organization with the mission of linking students in under-funded schools to online, global expeditions . These expeditions have the power to expand learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. The cyclists will be linked to classrooms via RTW's interactive website and live Internet chats.

You can read more about the Vogel family and their adventures at