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Seven Days of Sharing

At DSP, we're doing seven days of sharing, for the Scraptacular Seventh Birthday Bash! So I'm sharing on the blog as well.

Day 1: Share your ONE favorite photo.
This is my current favorite, not that it's framed well or lighted well, could be much better! But because it looks like a painting, which was just how it looked from the boat on our recent boat ride. The (not super clean & clear!) water was like glass and made it beautiful!

Day 2: Share TWO favorite birthday memories
1-My surprise bday party at McDonald's when I was maybe 10 or 11? Couldn't figure out why my mom wanted me to dress up better to just run to McD's for lunch and was shocked to see people there!
2-Lizzy's 11th this year. Her bday is Jan 1 so everyone is always busy (out of school too) and we do low key parties anyway. And she's wanted a pool party, but yeah, Jan 1! But this year we had friends and the grandparents at our campground, so we had a nighttime pool party! She loved it and that made it awesome.

Day 3: Share THREE favorite desserts (check out more yummy goodness shared on the site!)
Well the obvious, CHOCOLATE! But to choose 3, hmmm.
1-Reese Cup Sundaes at Friendly's
2-Reese Cups
3-I'm tempted to say Mini Reese Cups! But I'll say a good chocolate brownie!

Day 4: Share FOUR favorite hobbies
1-Scrapbooking (I'd have to fire myself if it wasn't!)
2-Skydiving (LOVE it!)
3-Hiking (though I'm learning I don't prefer hiking up mountains!)
4-White water rafting

Day 6: Share SIX subjects you like to scrap.
1-Allen, the husband
2-Lizzy, daughter, age 11
3-Josh, son, age 11
4-Matt, son, age 8 (Yeah okay, most are of the first 4!)
5-Our travels
6-Friends we meet

Day 7: Share SEVEN favorite kits/products from the DSP Shop7: Share SEVEN favorite kits/products from the DSP Shop
I LOVE any of Elisabeth Weaver's state templates! I chose FL because I used it most recently.
Motivational CD because I've used SO many of the backgrounds on this CD for my pages about our travels. They're so versatile!
I'm still using this instant album in my New Zealand album (that yes, I need to finish and print!!) But I love the pages and ease of use!
Another instant album I used to make a whole year in review in like 30 minutes!
The travel megakit which I haven't used YET, but totally will soon!
Because it's just a classic!
I've used this one in so many of DSP's booths and promos. Just love it!

And since I said products, I have to say the Make It Mine purses! LOVE mine!
Okay, so that's 8.


Stephanie said…
We love hiking too. Surprisingly, we've been doing less of it on this RV adventure than we originally planned. We need to rectify that soon. :)