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DC Day 4 - Capitol Tour

Thanks to our Ohio Congressman (and Speaker of the House) John Boehner's staff, we took a very nice private tour of the Capitol. We got to walk the tunnels from his office to the Capitol, stand in the exact center of the city, see old rooms that used to house the Supreme Court and House of Representatives, the Rotunda, so many statues (each state gets to display 2), amazing architecture, and beautiful paintings, stand where Abraham Lincoln and others used to sit, and we even got to see the House Floor (where presidents give the State of the Union address). No phones or cameras allowed in there unfortunately.
The kids might have also sat in Speaker Boehner's own chair! (Unless that would get any of his staff in trouble. In that case, I'm totally kidding, they never did that.)
I'm still stuck without my good camera, so my pics can't do this justice. You'll have to come see it yourself to appreciate it!


Unknown said…
We did D.C. last Summer and it was incredible! Such a great experience and left feeling so patriotic and with such a better impression of the city itself!; ) It was SO clean and people were so helpful. I would have let the kids ride the metro alone I think...well, maybe not....but still, felt so safe there! We have all the same pics - loads of fun to see & do.
Unknown said…
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