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DC Day 5 - White House, Ford's Theater, Museum of American History, Jefferson and Holocaust Memorials

On our last day in DC, we went with the Igels and tried to squeeze in everything we'd missed and had to see. We finally saw the White House (from the outside, but I think we'll schedule a tour of it on the way back south). The White House Visitor Center had tons of info, a movie, pics, & pieces from the White House, plus a Junior Ranger program too. (And, unknown to us, Josh and Ethan found a cell phone and cash and turned both in. Good kids!)
We saw Ford's Theater, and the house across the street where Lincoln died. We went back to the Museum of American History and saw Dorothy's ruby slippers, Fonzie's jacket, the Muppets, Edison's light bulb, Abe Lincoln's top hat,
LOTS of historical war items, the original red hat that started the Red Hat society (which reminded me of our DSP Grannies!), and SO much more. It's huge and just packed full of interesting things. We went to the Holocaust Memorial and that was quite an experience. I can't say it was fun, but it was certainly moving. It's a very quiet, deep, and sobering place with floors full of information, movies, pics, personal accounts. We saw the Jefferson's Memorial, and hadn't realized what a view there was from the front of it (Jefferson looks directly at the White House).
Pretty amazing how Washington DC is laid out.Of course, more pics...

While we're definitely citied-out right now, we very much enjoyed DC and hope to return again another time to see more.