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New friends!

We met another traveling family at our favorite campground (Walmart)! We pulled in for a quick overnight in Williamsburg and met the Igel family from! We'd emailed back and forth with them them back in the summer on the west coast, but just missed them in San Francisco. We didn't even know they were in the area, so it was a fun chance meeting in the parking lot. They're on a year-long trip and are such a fun family. They have 7 kids (4 adopted, so we had much in common), and the coolest bus/RV with plenty of room for a family of 9!
We've since met up with them at two different campgrounds, and hope to see them even more this summer. They've given us great tips on Williamsburg and DC, hidden tickets for us in a bookstore (we pretended we were in National Treasure), been great neighbors & friends, let the kids play together all day, and even watched our kids on our anniversary date night! We definitely owe them bigtime. (Mark's pic below. My lens is still at Nikon!)
Now we'll see if we can convince them to follow us up to Maine. :)


Claire said…
you are coming to Maine!? I live in Maine! Any specific area? Going up to Bar Harbor? Definitely climb the beehive in Acadia. Lots of fun stuff to do in Portland as well if you can be there on the first friday of the month all the galleries are open and the museum is free!
Cape Elizabeth is wonderful too.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email dot com