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We loved Williamsburg and got to go back in time and take part in the revolution! Encouraged by the actors (who never broke character), we were very upset about the stamp taxes. It was neat to see all the old buildings and picture life back in the 1700s. The colonists chatted up the crowd gathering and it was fun to hear their opinions of Ben Franklin, the government, taxes, etc. It was quite exciting as we (the entire crowd) followed them from place to place to hear events leading up to the Declaration of Independence, which was very touching. (Yes, I cried.) The kids said it was like living in a movie and it was definitely the best thing we've done. We even followed the parade down the street at the end and Matt said this is like the credits.
Here are a few favorite pics and a slideshow of them all below.

More pics...

Williamsburg was definitely a highlight of this year!


Traci said…
Okay, now I really can't WAIT to go there! Two more weeks! I love the stockade photo.