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Creation Museum, KY

We got to visit the Creation Museum in KY with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. We'd heard nothing but good things and were still very pleasantly surprised! It was so well done, professional, and they presented so much info. It was quite refreshing after so visiting many museums recently that present evolution as a fact instead of a theory. The Creation Museum exhibits were great, the interactive movies and petting zoo were fun, and the kids loved it all. The dates were based on historical records and so many flaws in today's widely-accepted dating procedures were shown. As a Christian, I was happy, but as a scientist, I was even happier. I love that they don't throw out, or explain away, facts that don't fit into a theory. It all fits, because God made it. It's so simple, and beautiful.More pics:

Especially as we've traveled this beautiful, amazing country for over a year, it's just impossible for us not to believe!


I was blown away by the Creation Museum! LOVED, loved, loved it! Unfortunately we were only able to stay for a few hours~ we could easily have spent another day or two.