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Joplin, MO - our first look

We got to Joplin on Monday and drove through the city. We'd been reading about the tornado damage, looking at pictures and videos, but nothing prepares you for the reality of it. The tornado was a mile wide, then went for miles, though neighborhoods and businesses and medical buildings. Seeing houses completely gone with even the basements exposed made us wonder how anyone survived at all. It was mile after mile of just unbelievable devastation. This article about St. Johns hospital was hard to read, but we'd wondered what it would have been like inside that hospital during a tornado.
That was a car I think.
There are a lot of volunteers working all over doing so much, but the job is just so big.
For sale by owner...
It was interesting to see a play land survived. Built tough for kids I guess!
We saw this a few times. No glass left in any window, mirrors broken, duct taped, but they were happily driving down the road, one with his foot sticking out the front windshield!
Of course these pictures can't convey the reality either. If you get a chance to help (here in Joplin or elsewhere), there's obviously a huge need and the communities would be so grateful.