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Saturday in Joplin

More pics from Joplin today. There was a beautiful sunset after our long (10 hour!) day of working.
We helped again at the Salvation Army. Lizzy and I sorted and stocked new clothes/shoes. Allen rocked the forklift all day and Josh helped him work outside. Matt helped us, Allen, his new favorite friend Mr. Mel, some very pretty volunteer girls, some customers needing assistance, and pretty much anyone who needed it, or didn't. He was quite helpful getting inside the huge boxes to hand things out.
Call me crazy, but there's just something adorable about a man on a forklift. :)After a full day's work, we went with the Godwin family and gave out dinners for Joplin Family Worship Center. The kids have been wanting to hand out food and were excited and full of energy somehow. JPFW provided roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, bread, cookies, and water and sent us to find hungry people. We found some very grateful people working and living in the disaster area. It was even more sobering seeing the houses close up and knocking on their doors (if they still had doors).
This was the high school. Fortunately when the storm hit, the graduation had finished at a nearby college.
Middle school.
Sad, but funny, but really sad, but still funny.
So, this is what could happen to your RV in a tornado. I think this one was pretty lucky actually.
Random, I know. We see these beautiful horses and barn every day and I had to stop and take a pic.
It was a long, but a really good day in Joplin.