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KY family campground

Our favorite campground is my aunt & uncle's driveway! Besides full hookups (yeah, water, electric, and sewer!), they offer wifi, satellite, showers, and laundry! And what do we pay for all this? Nothing, they pay US with great company, food, babysitting, etc. They spoil us rotten! It was hard to leave and we stayed a week. :)
I got to see all of my cousins and their kids came over to play with ours, so it was kid heaven. Lizzy was following Logan around like I used to follow Sherry, so sweet. My cousins' church also had VBS that week, so the kids got to go each day and make some friends.
Besides the spoiling though, it's really great to get to sit and chat with my family. I honestly don't think I know sweeter people than Aunt Katie and Uncle Jim.
We look forward to seeing them again at Thanksgiving!