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Another RV remodel

Because we like to do things on a whim (and very likely because we were all high on paint fumes!), we took out the bed we recently built for Lizzy in the downstairs bedroom and put in bunk beds for the boys. They've been wanting (needing) a personal space that they just can't get in the open loft. We pondered a track curtain to separate them, but just see disaster in that future. Plus that's not a permanent space and it "doesn't count" if they leave the curtain open, etc. They sometimes don't want to have to look at each other and we respect that. I had a little brother, so I get it (sorry little bro!).
So now they each have a bunk (off limits to all without permission) in the slide which we painted Army green (as requested). It seems like a bunk model RV may have been better for us, although we really use that room downstairs a lot (band practice, games, ect). Plus we can still access it when the slide isn't out, so that's still a big plus!
Lizzy now has the entire loft to herself and she's working on girlying it up.
Why do we do it? I think just because we can.