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George Washington Carver

While waiting on our AC installation, we visited the nearby George Washington Carver National Monument, and are so glad we did! It was a quick visit, (although we could have easily spent a few more hours) and the kids earned their Junior Ranger badges.Carver was a pretty amazing person, a great scientist, with great faith. Despite fame and success, he turned down fortune, by refusing raises because he simply didn't need them. Thomas Edison offered him over $170,000 to come work with him and he turned him down. Edison! $170,000 in the early 1900s! He began his love of learning by observing nature on the farm, working with plants, and exploring the woods (unschooling at its best!). He was also an orphan, raised by the Carvers. So the Lundys found him quite fascinating.
Then, after picking up the RV with the new AC (yay!), we headed toward Kansas City. But on the way, BOOM! A tire blew! Which to us fulltimers isn't generally a big deal. You mow grass, we change tires. :)
Allen changed it in a few minutes and we were on our way. We're headed to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City for some, well, worlds of fun after our hard work in Joplin.