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After the insane heat of Missouri, we were excited to head to Colorado to cool down. We planned to drive straight through Kansas, but the fact that it would take more than a few hours, plus the temperature being over 100°, convinced us (okay, Allen, the rest of us were asleep!) to stop at a campground for AC. We woke up as he took the dirt roads in a little farm town (we love little farm towns) to Lakeside Recreational RV Park. Fittingly, the only vehicle we passed was a tractor. (Oddly, that same scenario happened on Allen's midnight run too!)
We expected a hookup, but found a great campground! We parked right beside a lake with a great sandy beach, volleyball courts, docks for low and high diving, a rope swing/zip line, and a 400' waterslide! All that, plus free wifi, that's just this side of heaven! It's a great place, in the middle of Kansas. We're staying at least a week. If the forecasts weren't always over 100°, we'd stay longer. Or we may anyway. Only an incoming thunderstorm managed to get us all out of the lake today!
In between work (which should be easy to accomplish with the kids busy all day, the RV nice and cool, and the wifi reliable) and rest (much needed still after Joplin), we'll either be in the lake or playing beach volleyball!
That's where I'm hanging my hammock shortly!
I love that I can see the kids from the office!