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Not in Kansas anymore Toto

It was hard to leave this campground, with our private lake, but the 110° days helped. :/ We decided to head south to beat the heat. Odd, I know, but the high desert of Arizona promised us lower temperatures and free camping! So we headed southwest to a Thousand Trails park. This meant a 17 hour drive - that's usually 6 days in Lundy time! But we were anxious, so we did it in 4. (Not super long days, but I'm still not recommending it.)
First, we stayed at a church in Dodge City, KS. Yes, we did stay there simply so we could say "Let's get the heck out of Dodge!" Which we did, probably too often. Only slightly less abused was the line "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto."
Then we stopped at a campground just so we could plug in and crank the AC all night. It was lovely (the AC, not the campground). But they did have horny toads for Matt to catch. (Yes, they're short horned lizards of course, but horny toads are more fun.)
Somewhere along the way, our bumper cracked and drug our bike rack. Two of the four bikes are toast. Poor Matt and Josh! (No, it wasn't overweight. No, I don't need advice. Thanks!) We must have been quite a sight! Wish one of the people who passed us would have signaled us though. :/
Next we stayed at a rest stop, parking in an end space so only one truck could pull in to torture us by running all night. And amazingly, no trucks did! It wasn't quiet enough to hear crickets of course, but no loud trucks made it wonderful! And oddly, I awoke to a beautiful sunrise. I rarely see those! It was neat reflected on the RV. Yes, I went back to sleep.
Of course each day held (usually scenic) stops for making lunch and dinner, and on two days we stopped at bonus national parks that were on our route! More on those soon.
So we hit Oklahoma (state #32), Texas (#33), and New Mexico (#34) on our way to Arizona, which we've seen before, but only a small corner. Now we plan to explore more and finally see the Grand Canyon!


Debi said…
Always entertaining you are! Bummer about the bikes!!