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Worlds of Fun

We used our Cedar Fair passes for some free fun at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City! We took the RV again, and walked home for meals.
Oceans of Fun was a great waterpark and the kids loved this obstacle course in one of the pools.
The rides were fun, especially The Prowler at night. Scary! For Kings Island fans, it was similar to The Beast, but smooth (I know!) and with more twists and turns, and so fast!
The kids loved the shows this time and spent most of Friday watching them, some of them twice. Lizzy got to go on stage with Muttallica and play a dog. :) These are rescued dogs and the kids loved them.
They also loved being sung to by very pretty and handsome singers! So much so, that they strategically chose their seats for the best chances! :)
At night, we stayed either at Walmart or a gracious church nearby, and fortunately some rainstorms cooled us down. On the last day though, we stayed at the nearby campground for some electricity (great after these hot days) and wifi to catch up on work. The view was great and we could hear the screams all day!
Good times! But now we're ready to move on, westward, probably...


Lori said…
Haha to funny! That is where I lived I have had passes every year till this one. Good times!