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Arizona Diamondbacks

Allen is now ONE stadium away from his goal to see a game at every Major League Baseball ballpark! While we were in Mesa, we went to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks. This was Matt's first MLB game and he was especially excited. He really wanted to be on the big screen and we kept telling him that was really unlikely and not to get his hopes up. Well, we were on it twice! Figures. And yeah, I took pics both times. :)
It was a fun park, and even better that it was kids go free night! We got cheap seats and Matt said we were going so high the seats would be upside down. :)
FYI, the game ended up being awesome! The Dbacks were down, came back to tie in the 9th, then went on to win!
More pics:
Of course it was totally worth it just to sit inside the stadium in the AC!


Momma Jorje said…
I don't even *like* sports, but that is just plain awesome!
K2 Designs said…
Bummer! Wish we had known you were there! We were too.We're season ticket holders....LOL..haven't been to DSP in forever so you might not remember me..would have been nice to have met you and your family. Am loving reading about your travels. Enjoy!