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More painting finished. Lizzy's room is now lime green, teal, and blue. Girls!The boys' room is all Army green.
All three are still very happy with the bedroom swap. The boys love the dark, quiet room and Lizzy, who hates dark and quiet (and bedtime in general), loves having the open loft. Next thing to work on is why each boy has 2 drawers and 1 toy box, while Lizzy has 9 drawers, 3 toy boxes, and still more stuff out in her room. How do we keep collecting stuff??


The Valentines said…
Erm, hello, she's a girl, lol! We like variety in clothing, boys (well ours anyway) could care less and pick the first thing on the top of the pile. As long as I could wash, they'd be happy with 2 T's and 2 shorts! So, yeah, good luck with whittling those clothes and toys down ;)
Love the paint job!
Give us a holler when you're next in PA. We're heading up to Canada and ME for a couple of weeks.
Tina said…
It has been a while since I have looked through your site. Probably because I bought a camper last year and it almost killed our Rodeo to pull it so then turned around and sold the camper. Which made me sad :( But, now I am ready to start thinking about FOTR again with out getting to upset. The hubby has been very into mountain biking lately and I just see his hobby and my desire to travel a bit fitting nicely together. Might have to start making plans again... Thanks for all the awesome posts. AZ is great! We lived there for 7 years and miss it a lot.