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Kitchen finished

Finished painting the living room/kitchen/dining room. I guess an advantage of small space living is you can count one room as three!
And now we'll move on to a color besides lime green. How about purple or teal next?!


Momma Jorje said…
Oh wow, I love it! It is SO much more homey than RVs "out of the box!" With so many tiny spaces, I assume you had to use brushes? Did you tape stuff off or just go slowly and carefully around all those edges?

I definitely want to paint our rig, when we get it! Wow! And love that color!!
Marmee's Pantry said…
WOW! Now THAT's green. I'd go w/sage next time. :-)

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><
The Lundy 5 said…
I just used a trim brush and taped. I rolled what I could, though it was very little. :)
Nice! I just have to ask you how you keep all your baskets and stuff in place when you travel? :P
We just got our 5th wheel 2 weeks ago, finally! :D
Haven't blogged much lately, but will soon.
Carla said…
You are so brave with your color!!! Love it.