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Sedona AZ

We'd heard about the red rocks of Sedona and finally went for a visit. It really is a beautiful town, surrounded by gorgeous red cliffs and formations. We went for a hike, despite the 100° heat, and took plenty of food and water, or so we thought. The trail was actually longer than the ranger/map/signs said (as marked by an educated hiker with a GPS). So when we finished half of our water and weren't at the end yet, we still decided to push on to the end of the box canyon (and what a view!). So the trip back was a bit challenging. I'm exaggerating. If you'd have heard the kids, you'd have thought we were close to death. It was indeed hot, dry, and exhausting, but we weren't far from the truck and everyone survived, even Jack. And now we know what it feels like to be REALLY thirsty. So there should be no whining on future hikes, right?
More pics...

Don't they look sad? Not Allen of course, he lives for this stuff.