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Bedroom painted

Last room painted! Okay, I skipped the closet and saved that for a rainy day, but I'm finished for now. I went away from the BRIGHT colors and opted for a southwestern theme, because we've loved the warm colors of Arizona. Obviously we'll need some themed purple/green/dark red curtains and a bedspread one day. Until then we'll go with the odd combo we have. I considered the bright blue you see on the wall, but just couldn't do it. :)
How do people paint without trying out the colors in Photoshop?
Of course now that I've painted, you can hardly tell the inside of the slide is a lighter color.
I'm so glad it's finished, especially the trim. You know how much I hate love trim!


Carla said…
Oh my goodness! I want to (be brave and ) paint my camper and I will SO be using photoshop to pick colors!!! Duh!