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Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon has been a great surprise for us in Las Vegas. We've been here so many times, but always in the city. And when you're not city folk, it's pretty and shiny, but eh. Now that we've had some time to explore Red Rock just outside the city, it's WOW! We really love it! Canyons to explore, rocks to climb, mountains to conquer, and all of those in so many colors!
If you don't even get out of your car, here's what you'd see. There's a pretty 13 mile loop around the area. Although you know we recommend you get out and hike! Maybe on a trail, maybe not, it's not so big you'll get lost, but big enough that you can if you'd prefer.
If you do decide to climb, you can get a view like THIS of Vegas!
Ah, love that city now, from afar.