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Red Rock hiking

The boys spent a few days hiking Red Rock Canyon while Lizzy and I prepared for and attended the laptop crop. Then we all went back together and hiked a few more days. We love this place!
Here are a few of my favorite pics the boys took.
And lots more...

On my first hike there, we got to the end of our trail and instead of hiking back like we're supposed to, Allen says the truck's just around there, let's "simply" go OVER THE MOUNTAIN to get to it. I sarcastically lovingly said What on earth is wrong with you boy, stick to the trail Sure honey, whatever you want. Yeah, crazy, and we did it anyway. No trails, lots of obstacles, climbing, dead ends, decisions... so no longer hiking but canyoneering. Which Allen loves. Me, not as much, but I survived enjoyed despite any mean things I definitely may have said about Allen.
Here are a few pics.
And more...

The hike was insane, scary, and painful at times, but honestly the worst part for me was not having my good camera! And the battery died on my little camera too!
We also went back, in the rain, with The Coast to Coast Trips and had a great time. It ended up a lovely day! Since it rained, there were waterfalls and little rushing streams for a change and it looked so different from the day before. Of course on this day I did bring the good camera, but didn't want to use it in the rain! :/