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Wilderness Lakes

We enjoyed our 2.5 weeks at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee CA, mostly because the McCloskey family was here! I "met" Margie online as they were heading out on the road last year and we connected since we're probably the only two Margies under 70 in the world. :) Their boys are 10 & 12 and liked all the same weird boy things ours like, so they hit it off. Their daughter is 6 and Lizzy had a lot of fun playing with her Littlest Pet Shop toys and other girly things she usually neglects doing the weird things the boys like.
We had campfires, dinners, snacks, church, hikes, baseball games, pool time, and many "are the kids over theres?"
They took us to a Storm game, local AA team for the Padres. I got to meet Margie's grandma Margie, which was really neat since I never got to meet mine. She's a black belt and world champion in Tae Kwon Do and quite a firecracker!
We snuck off one day to visit Knott's Berry Farm and they watched Jack for us, so we had the entire day!
They had to leave and we were all bummed! (We made cake and that helped a little.) But Labor Day weekend brought lots of activities to help keep the kids busy and that helped. They rode the train and went on a hay ride. We played candy bar Bingo. Yum! They did arts, crafts, coloring, animal shows, karaoke, movies, & bands. Plus there were lots of kids around all weekend to play with. Now that camping season is over, we'll probably be lonely in the campgrounds again, although we're hoping the southwest will have more people around.

So lots to do here at Wilderness Lakes (although ironically there is neither wilderness nor lake!) But we all agree it's especially fun if you come when the McCloskey family is here!


Anonymous said…
The McClosky's are the greatest!!!! We met them a year ago and have loved them ever since.....great blog by the way..Shawna