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Blue waves, red tide in San Diego

We had so much fun watching the neon blue waves in the ocean around San Diego! Allen heard about the bioluminescent phytoplankton (red tide by day, blue waves by night) and wanted to go see it. We weren't sure if we would actually find it, but WOW did we! It was absolutely AMAZING! Seriously one of the most fascinating things we've seen in our lives. And so pretty! Just wave after wave glowing brightly, then building, then crashing, with the blue color getting brighter and brighter. We went back again (to Oceanside) and wrote and dug in the sand and it would glow beneath your fingers. The kids ran and splashed and fell and glowed and had a great time. We brought some water home too and it glows when you shake it. I took a tripod and blindly played with adjusted my camera's settings until I got some decent pics. I didn't even photoshop them! They're blurry because I focused manually and left the shutter open for a long time (something like that anyway), but I wanted to show how bright it really was. It's not like being there though, and seeing the glowing waves all around you!

Allen got a video too! The kids had a blast playing in the waves and glowing.

Love this video, found on youtube.

What a neat phenomenon to get to see!


Jenn said…
I remember the first time I saw the red tide. It was magical!!!! I'm so glad you got to see it!
Tusele said…
oh my this looks very special!!