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RV curtains

Here's a peek at our new curtains. I'm saving my favorite living room ones (so cute!) because we have to hang our hiking stick rods first. It's so fun losing the standard-RV-boring beige!
Kimberly Travaglino did a great job! It's fun to have neighbors with kids, then such a bonus to find one who travels with a sewing machine and is willing to help me with do my curtains for me!
Josh has a camo curtain on the top and both boys have privacy curtains for their bunks. They love having a way to close off their little rooms!
This is the hall up to the master bedroom. I'll make tie backs for them soon. Rubber bands in the meantime. It's nice to finally have something over the doggie window in the middle blind that Jack chewed out. Lizzy's curtain has the three colors that her walls are painted, light blue, teal, and lime green.
Our room has a southwestern theme. I thought I'd go away from the insanely bright but happy colors in the rest of the RV. Now we just need to find a matching quilt.
So nice to feel almost finished with our redecorating. Now, if only Allen would get those hooks for the sticks... :)


Love the new curtains! How did you hang the curtains for the boy's bunks? I need to figure out something for the kids area. They need some "me" space. I have the fabric, just not the idea on how to incorporate it.
The Lundy 5 said…
Steel cable and eye hooks.
Where did you order that cute camo curtain fabric from? Thank you. Alida w6
The Lundy 5 said…
The camo fabric came from Walmart. :)