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Halloween at Wilderness Lakes campground

We heard they really liked to celebrate Halloween at Wilderness Lakes, but boy was it way BIGGER than we imagined! Many of the RVers decorated their rigs and some even built full blown haunted houses, right under their awnings or in (big) tents! The campground had a great haunted house too. So many people (and dogs!) of all ages dressed up and everyone had a great time. Many come here every year for this weekend, and we can see why. It was so fun!
Once we went to find the kids and found Lizzy, Matt, & Faith near a haunted tent entrance. They were all sneaking in then running back out screaming a second later. Only Matt was brave enough to go through to the other side - and then he came out screaming with candy flying everywhere!
Josh & Logan got to work in the campground haunted house and loved it. Although Josh was punched in the face once, but he did jump out at people!
Earlier in the day we had candy bar bingo, then the kids got pumpkins to carve, then a costume contest, then trick or treating (or as Lizzy calls it: tricker treating), then trying to muster the courage to go through every haunted house, then trading/eating candy, then falling into a sugar coma drifting off to sleep.
We couldn't believe how many kids came today!
Faith & Alli (another fulltime RVer) who I didn't even realize I took a pic of til now.
This costume was brilliant! And totally won the contest.
I couldn't believe how many adults dressed up.
Yeah, even Jack dressed up, though he preferred eating his hat to wearing it.
He also might have had a sucker.
*sigh* Why must they grow up so fast? I miss my sweet little power rangers.
There was a lot of trading and possibly some selling to mom & dad. No, we're not proud.
Show off pics for the grands. Vampire queen:
Guy from Scream (a scary movie Josh has never seen):
Taekwondo guy (he said he should have gotten a black belt like daddy!)