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Coachella Valley Preserve oasis hike

In Palm Desert CA, our campground was just a few miles from Coachella Valley Preserve and a great oasis hike. We enjoyed chatting with other fulltime RVers who worked at the visitor center. Then we took a short hike from there through some oases. The California fan palms were amazing, the dead leaves forming a long skirt. And there were so many! It was cooler, and looked like a jungle, with so much water, right in the middle of the desert. We'd leave an oasis, hike through the wide open scorching sand and heat, then right into another oasis with shade and water.
More pics:


Jim and Gayle said…
Just found your blog. We are fulltimers considering a volunteer job at the Coachella Valley Preserve. We've been in the area before but not the preserve. Did you happen to see where the volunteers were parked? Did the couple you spoke with seem happy to be there? If you get a chance we'd appreciate your opinion of the place. Thanks!