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RV remodel, not ours

When we pulled (back) into this campground, and learned that our friends were going to remodel their fifth wheel, we were almost giddy! Mainly because it'll get them on the road sooner, but also because it's fun to tear things out and build new things in. :) The McCloskeys got a great deal on this RV, but it wasn't ideal for their three kids, so they'd planned to sell it and then buy another. But it appears they're yet another family inspired by the Coast to Coast Trips, and they decided to remodel and build bunks. (I really think the Trips could charge admission to their RV for inspiration!)
It's been fun for us and the Travaglinos, possibly because we can help but don't have to live with the results. :) So far, they've pulled out cabinets and carpet, painted, and put in flooring. They don't blog yet, but it's a fun process, so I have to share! Yes, I have an obsessive compulsive need to share before and after pics.
We're thinking of stalling for a bit now so they have to follow us to the next campground to get help with the bunks! :)