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La Jolla & Ocean Beach, San Diego

After we went to Cabrillo, we found out we were super close to my friend Sandra! So we went back to visit her and she treated us to a very Ocean Beach day. We walked our dogs to the dog beach, where the kids were literally in dog heaven. There were TONS of dogs running everywhere and I think they tried to pet each one. It's a very dog-friendly town and it seemed like everyone we saw had at least one. We even got to take them out to lunch with us! We had our first fish tacos too (yum!)
Then Jack stayed to play with Sandra's dogs while we went to La Jolla to check out the sea caves and kayak with the sea lions. But it was freezing *really* cold, so just Allen and Josh kayaked while Lizzy, Matt, and I tried to stay warm. They paddled right into the caves and got to get very close to the sea lions. Josh thought it was intimidatingly close! They were pretty big, friendly, and curious. It certainly was a gorgeous area. We hope to go back when it's a bit warmer, and with a waterproof camera!
Then we went back and let Sandra spoil us more with a yummy dinner and fun! We got to meet her great family and thoroughly enjoyed her hospitality. And what a view of the Pacific! It was a great day. (Thanks Sandra!!)


sssnoo said…
You are very welcome and awesome photos.